Your privacy will always be respected. We never release data to clients or third parties and only provide our services for email campaigns that are of academic/professional interest only.

We hold no financial or personal medical information for individuals on our database, nor anything of a sensitive or confidential nature, only name, contact details and work and research interests.

Emails will be restricted to your specialty except for occasional messages of general scientific interest e.g. surveys from national/international medical associations, general science web portals. You can opt out at any time here or at the foot of any communication you receive.

We take all reasonable measures to ensure that data protection compliance, data security and the rights of individuals on our database are maintained to the level required by EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Our obligations under the GDPR are to 1. Hold data securely and minimise risk of breaches 2. Inform members of any transfer of their contact details to third parties (this does not apply to us as we never transfer or release data) 3. Inform of any data breaches promptly 4. Answer queries from subscribers promptly on information held on them 5. Remove anyone promptly who requests we do so. We comply with all of these obligations.

We pass no email data whatsoever to clients or third parties.